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Need help troubleshooting

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Here is my setup first:
Pansat 9200, 50' RG6 to disq switch. Port 1: 6' with C/KU lnb, Port 2: Universal KU on 129, Port 3: Universal KU on 123, Port 4: Stationary 10' mesh at 99.

Problem: When I switch from any program to a channel on port1, it switches immediately. When I switch from any port 2 3 or 4 to port 2 3 or 4, it switches immediately. When I switch from port 1 to any port, it says No Signal for 30-60 seconds then pops up the channel EXCEPT port 3, which won't come in at all unless I switch to an opposite polarity channel, then back.

I have replaced the disq switch, the lnb on port 3, and checked all the connections.

When it says no signal, I am getting a 83% signal from the lnb.

I flashed the most recent software update, with no effects.

No motor in the mix, its controlled by a stand alone controller.
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Sounds like you need to adjust the angle between your motor and the dish.

What I did was read the motor instructions for the correct dish angle, then lined up my true south satellite, then checked the satellites at either end of my visible arc. (Amazingly, it all worked for me the first time!) Once you get the true south and the far east (or west) satellite working on the motor, then everything else on the arc ought to be good.
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