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Need help troubleshooting

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Here is my setup first:
Pansat 9200, 50' RG6 to disq switch. Port 1: 6' with C/KU lnb, Port 2: Universal KU on 129, Port 3: Universal KU on 123, Port 4: Stationary 10' mesh at 99.

Problem: When I switch from any program to a channel on port1, it switches immediately. When I switch from any port 2 3 or 4 to port 2 3 or 4, it switches immediately. When I switch from port 1 to any port, it says No Signal for 30-60 seconds then pops up the channel EXCEPT port 3, which won't come in at all unless I switch to an opposite polarity channel, then back.

I have replaced the disq switch, the lnb on port 3, and checked all the connections.

When it says no signal, I am getting a 83% signal from the lnb.

I flashed the most recent software update, with no effects.

No motor in the mix, its controlled by a stand alone controller.
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1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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