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I am getting a upgrade install on mon 10/27.
The setup i have now is a 5 lnb sat, hr21, hr10-250 and a regular box.
I also have a r15 which is acctive on my account but i'm using it and 1 h20
and 1 h21 which is not on my account. (how i got all this is another story.
i'm getting a upgrade to a new 5 lnb and a hr22 for the hr10-250. the setup i would like to have is hr22, hr21, hr10-250 and the r15 at the end of the day. how can i pull this off when they come out for the install? what should i tell them?

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Should be no problem for the installer. But hopefully they're clear on what equipment you currently have and what equipment they're providing.

Not sure why you need a new 5-LNB dish if you already have one. All you really need is a Zinwell WB68 multiswitch to provide enough outputs for the four DVRs that you'll end up with.
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