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Need help with Dish retailer problem

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I got my PVR501 system from a retailer on approx. Jan 15 of 2002. I liked it well and all, but then in mid-July, I bought an HDTV. Naturally I had to have a Dish6000 receiver. I bought one, and had it activated on my account swapping it out with the other one. 3 days later I get a letter from the retailer saying I was in breach of contract and owed them $300 because I had swapped out the receiver. I immediately called them, told them I was not aware of this clause but that it was entirely my fault, and called dishnetwork. DN was nice enough to credit that retailer back their commission and the retailer credited me back my $300. The retailer contract said I have to keep their receiver active for 8 months as primary.

Now 8 months are over and I called the retailer today to ask if it's now okay to change receivers. I was using the 6000 as a secondary on the acct (even though the 501 isn't even connected). But now the retailer tells me I have to wait ANOTHER 8 MONTHS before I can take that 501 off of my account. Am I wrong here or does this seem a little over the top? The retailer got his commission back, but now he's just trying to screw me. He said it doesn't matter if my contract with dishnetwork runs out next January; I would still have to pay for service with dishnetwork until mid-April of next year (when the 8 months are up).

I don't think this is the way to treat a customer; I made a mistake, but everything worked out. I got the problem fixed within 48 hours of receiver their letter and for that I am being forced to pay for Dishnetwork service for almost 5 months beyond my contract? I like Dishnetwork but if they do force me like this, they will surely not have me back as a customer ever again. Any ideas on what to do or who to call to get this straightened out? I already called Sariah Cartwright's office, but they just told me they would 'investigate' it. I hope they figure something out, but I'm not holding out any hope for it.

Thx for letting me speak [rant],

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Originally posted by Pro-Com

Being a retailer I will have a lash at this one.

He is right about the 8 month thing to start with. The only danger I can see now is you breaching your contract with dish.

If there smart, most retailers will have you sign the dish contract, as well as a separate contract with them. This protects them and gives them somebody to go after for there money that dish charges them back in the event you default.

He is wrong about the second 8 months. As long as he got 8 months out of you, I don't see how he would care. All he would stand to lose would be the residuals for that receiver, but that is his tough luck.

I would take a CLOSE look at your contract. Did you sign a separate contract wiht him only? Post exactly what it says about the 8 month thing. I too think he is using the vaseline on you. As long as you stress to dish that you are upgrading your receiver, it shouldn't be a problem.

It only takes one retailer to give all the others a bad name. That is part of the reason I joined this board is too try to help customers when they need it. I'm sorry that you are getting the shaft. <snip>
Vaseline ? Giving other retailers a bad name ? ...LOL...

It seems that it is you who are VERY wrong in this delicate matter and before you try to help someone with a "bad" retailer problem I suggest you understand the rules of the company you represent.

NOW .... On to the root of the problem here :

If a primary receiver is disconnected for ANY reason ( yes even an upgrade ) .. as per the Dish Network retailer rules and is reactivated within a few days of the disconnect, the retailer does get his commission back, but also to note, the -8- month charge back period starts all over again from Dish. The same is true for a seasonal downgrade as an another example.

I agree it is a crazy rule ( Dish should be like DirecTV and simply state that a new customer account must be active with any receiver ) , but they are not.

If huzefa disconnects again within an -8- month period of his last disconnect, the retailer will indeed loose his commission once again as per the Dish Network retailer rules :shrug:
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Originally posted by Chris Blount


Are you sure about that information ? Where did you get it? Do you have a link?

We need some solid and documented information about this because it could be a source of confusion. If the 8-month period starts all over again, that sounds like something that would be contained in the retailer contract.
Hi Chris,

It`s absolutely correct. When I was a large Dish/DTV dealer, believe me, I found out all the different ways a retailer can loose commission.

I am VERY surprised that some of the "professional" dealers here did not know this fact.
Originally posted by jericho
What if you upgrade from Top 100 to Top 150? Will that start the contract over again?

This is what dish did to me. I was moving, but in order to get the free Dish mover installation I had to have the top 150 package. So I upgraded to top 150 but they also told me my 1 year contract would start over. In the business of moving I agreed, but now I'm questioning why did the 1 year period restart? Is this the same thing you guys are talking about with the 8 month problem?
You will be fine. The -8- month chargeback from the dealer only applies to a consecutive -8- month period with no interruptions in service.

It sounds as if you only upgraded and never stopped service so you will be fine, however Dish obviously tied you into another -12-months of service with them.

The dishmover program collectively gives Dish your new info so they can prevent you from signing on as a new account again and receiving better promotions at the new address, although many customers do not realize that until it is to late :(
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