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Need help with what receivers to get for a new HD setup

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Need as much help and details as possible, I currently have 2 standard definition TIVO receivers, I think I have a Slim Line Receiver (not sure), 4 lines are coming into the house.

I now have 3 HD Samsung TVs (E8000, D7000, D6420) that I would like to get all new DVR? receivers for and be able to use MRV.

What should I get as far as receivers go and also what should I ask so that no more wires have to come into the house.

Is is feasible to get a HMC HD DVR (HR34?) and 2 HD DVR Receivers (HR24s?) and have MVR working and content be shared across all 3?

How many Coax lines do each require?

Thanks for any and all information.
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If you ordered the HMC and two other DVRs, you'll get a SWiM16 install, so each STB will only have one wire running to it.

Getting a 24 will only happen if you order through a third party vendor like solidsignal.com. Otherwise you'll get what the installer has on his truck. You do need to let DirecTV know that you have 3D TVs; not all DVRs are 3D capable.

When you get MRV, all three of your boxes will work together.
I had a similar decision lately as we had a Slimeline 5 dish and one HDDVR fed by two lines and one SD DVR fed by one line. We upgraded the SDDVR to an HDDVR and while the tech was here he upgraded the system to be SWiM so that only one line is now used for each HDDVR.

So, no matter which hardware you decide to go for they will still be able to use what you have in place and will upgrade you to SWiM also so that you can use MRV.
My guess is you do not have a slimline dish, as that would not be needed at all for your Tivo installations. If you do the upgrade through DirecTV, they will replace the dish with what you need.
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