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Need help with wing dish install......

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My current setup is a dish 1000 feeding a dpp44. i just installed a dish 500 to get my locals at 61.5. the dish 500 has dual lnbs (dish pro plus) and a y-bracket.

i pointed the dish 500 to 118 with skew of 90 and an elevation of 37d. i attached my cable from the 110 lnb directly to satellite port 4 of my dpp44.

i have played with tweaking my azimuth left and right and it makes no difference.

when i run check switch, input 1 says satellite 4 "Conn" but Trans has an X. For input 2, satellite 4 input has an x for both it and trans.

can any of you provide some debugging steps for me? should i have attached my coax to port 119 instead of 110 of the dish 500? should i swap the dual lnbs from my dish 1000 to my dish 500 to verify if i have an lnb issue?

please help!
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i just went through all the transponders, basically nothing on any of them, except for 10 and 12. there i get a decent signal coming from 119 with the "wrong sat" message.
Take the DishPro Dual (not the DishPro Plus Twin) from the Dish 1000 and put it on the Dish 500. If the LNB you are using on the Dish 500 says DishPro Plus then it is a twin and not a dual LNB.
fyi, the dish 500 has dish pro plus twin lnbs. how does this affect the equation?
The DPP Twin (I see we've already established you're not using duals) doesn't work as the input source for the Dish 1000.2 though that doesn't necessarily mean it won't with the DPP44. Try again with the 119 side and cover the 110 LNB eye. If that doesn't work, get a DP Dual.

See http://www.dishuser.org/addadish.php
ok i'll cover the 110 with foil and re-try. remember though, i currently have the cable from the 110 going directly the input 4 on the dpp44. so i'm going to just connect that cable to 119 lnb and leave it feeding dpp44 for my retest.
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