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trh would be glad to give you the link to the oringal post and answer but frustrated or some one has deleted it from the system.

frustrated--you maybe frustrated at the way you have been informed about your prople, but as I pointed out on the dtv forms site (and now has been deleted), we are 90+% customers, some of us are installers, but we are all trying to help.

After installers were been hurt, and even killed to make customers happy, OSHA and state labor boards said 'no more", if installs have to get off ladders, then additional safety devices and help ARE REQUIRED. Bucket trucks, scaffolding and other devices are also ment with the same requirements.

Are the trees that you think are in the way on your property? How far away are they?
You can go to dishpointer.com input your address select DTV SL5 and this will give you a line of site with the ablity to see any thing in the way.

Unless you are directly under trees, there is more then one way to install the dish on the lower part of the house.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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