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Need power supply board for Samsung DIRECTV SIR-S4120R DVR

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I Need a power supply board for the Samsung DIRECTV SIR-S4120R tivo DVR. Anyone know where to find one? My #2 satellite input is flickering again and last time that happened, I put in a new power board and it solved it for a few years. Hate to give up my SD Tivo as it is WAY better than my POS Directv DVR that is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO slow and sluggish. So for the frustration release. Thanks
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eBay. Or Weaknees. But eBay will be cheaper.
Have you checked out the new THR22 HD DirecTivo? Not sure how the speed is, but it's an MPEG-4 HD DirecTivo.
I would fix the PS board ... perhaps some cheap component is need to be replaced, like capacitor(s) ...
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