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Need Sat Allignment Help

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I am getting poor signal strength on the new 99 sat as well as the 103 sat. With the 103c most transponders are in teh 70-80 range. However with 99c, the odd transponders are all around 60-70 whil the even are all around 40. I did see that the sat pole may not be level. Other than leveling the pole, what should I do form there?
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Check the tilt and elevation setting based on what the DirecTV settings are on the signal strength screen. Cross reference with your address at Dishpointer.com

after the Coarse adjustments are good, then work the fine adjustments to tune it in.

I had to change my tilt 1 degree, then ~2 turns on the dither knob and I went from 59-71 on 99c to 88-96. my 103c went from 65ish-75ish to 88-96.

Took about 30 mins because I didn't have anybody to yell the signal strength numbers to me and I thought my elevation was off, but it was good.
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