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Need Sat/Transponders for Charlotte, NC Local HD Channels

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I'm a new DirecTV customer and I'm constantly getting the "771: Searching for Signal on In 2" error.

I'm located in Charlotte, NC and I'm getting the error mostly on my local HD channels. My signal strengths are generally pretty good (80s & 90s) but they are low on a few satellite transponders. I would like to know exactly where my HD locals are coming from so that I can check those specific satellite transponders for low signal levels.

Does anyone know exactly which satellite and which transponders have my HD locals for Charlotte, NC? :confused:

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I'm up to your north in Statesville. The Charlotte HD locals are on 99(S). Not exactly sure about the transponder, but it has to be either 1 or 5.

My signals on 99(S) are currently 96 0 0 54 97 68 on 1-6 with 17-24 at 0

Hope this helps.
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