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Need set diagram for total of 11 tuners

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Current setup includes 2 HR-24's and 2 H24's that were installed in November 2010 soon after the HR24's were introduced. My wife has not taken to the bedroom h24 because when she is watching live tv in there she cannot "rewind" to catch something she missed. My son now has a TV in his bedroom without a box (only a dvd player) (What a shame!) (Horrible parents!) I am looking to add an HR34 to my setup which has only one wire coming from the dish. (There are 2 RG6 lines buried in the conduit going out to my dish, but only one is used). What are my options as I would like to do my own wiring to eliminate the need of the installer having to do much once he arrives?:)
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You will need to replace your LNB and add a SWM16 to do that. It can be done by a DIY'er with a little bit of effort.
You will need four wires from the LNB to the SWM-16, then one wire to each receiver. The SWM-16 could be mounted at the dish, then you could use the two wires you have in the conduit and connect one of those wires to each side of the SWM-16. Once the wires are in the house, you can add splitters and run one wire to each receiver, as long as the total number of receivers on each wire that comes from the SWM-16 does not exceed 8. One wire will need to connect to a power inserter.

The only slightly tricky parts are to ensure that the power inserter is pointed in the correct direction and is on the correct leg of the splitter (or comes before the first splitter), and that any unused ports are terminated with 75 ohm terminators.
The OP should also be aware that even with an HR34, an H24 receiver will still not pause and rewind live TV. I assume that he plans to replace them?

Here's the basic layout for a SWiM-16:


The fact that there are only two coax in the conduit means either two more need to get installed or the -16 will need to be mounted at the dish.

The coax needs to be solid copper core to as the PI will need to be indoors and power the -16 off of the SWM#1 port, "unless" the conduit get all four coax and the -16 can be then mounted on/near the house.
Thanks Keith, Yeah I should have noted that the plan was to move the one HR24 from the family room into the Master Bedroom and then the h24 from the MB to my sons room. I hope that makes sense!
Seems that the best bet would be to run the additional 2 coax (They are solid core Cu) and then mount the Swm-16 inside in the media panel where the power inserter is located.
Are there any special grounding procedure needed for the swm-16 unit that is not included is a normal swm setup?
You can get a grounding block designed for 4 pieces of coax here: http://www.solidsignal.com/pview.as...-Grounding-Lugs-with-Weather-Seal-(PVGBQHFAWS)

or any other reliable vendor.
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