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Okay, not an expert here, but confident enough to try some options. May need help with some risk analysis.

Situation: I have had the old DirecTivo for many years (PHILLIPS DSR704). In that time, I have moved three times, and each time I have done my own install for both the dish and receiver and have been happy.

Problem: I want to upgrade to HD (hopefully Hr24), but I have moved to the southern part of the same state and out of the football broadcast zone of my favorite team. So, I either upgrade myself, or start paying for Sunday ticket.

Here are my options:

Mover's advantage
+ Cheapest option at $99 upgrade fee​
- Lose current local programming and yearly team broadcasts​
- Must pay $199 for Sunday ticket​

Self Install
+ Can guarantee HR24, and control my own install​
- $199 for HR24​
- May have to buy new dish (Current, 3LNB multisat, AU2-F1)​
- May have to buy other things - Switches? Wires?​
- Trouble installing? (I don't mind something that might take a lot of time and patience.​

So, Three questions:
Am I missing anything?
What is a rough estimate of my non-receiver costs?
Is the idea of simply doing a full install myself even possible, or have they closed these doors?

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I purchased a 3 LNB Slimilne from Amazon and did a self install a while back. It was not hard to align the dish and I don't consider my self to be a handyman of any kind. Several internet sites will lease or sell you a HR24. Just make sure you use one you can trust. Solid Signal is used by many here. With the information available on this site with a little searching you should be fine for a self install, you will just be forfeiting any discounts DirecTv may be willing to give you on equipment they would install.

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degger1 said:
Right, but I'd be paying that either way, correct? Doesn't matter who installs, does it?
carl6 said:
You realize that you are also talking about an upgrade to HD, right? Add the recurring monthly cost for that.
Correct. 10.00 HD charge no matter how dish is installed. Just a Lil advise, the HD dish is a little bit more tricky to install because your aiming to 3 or 5 satellites. It's possible to use a receiver as the signal meter but it's not ideal. If it was me, I would choose the movers connection and just make sure to talk to the installer when they call the day of your scheduled install and let him know you want a HR24 and if he doesn't have it cancel the appointment. I had a free HDDVR upgrade and when the tech showed up all he had was HR24 and said that's all they carry. (at least in my neck of the woods) Good luck to you with whatever you choose. :)
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