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I need some advice on cutting my costs.

I've had the premiere package, HD package, two dvrs, and whole home for some time. The costs have gradually gone up, and I can't really criticize DirecTV for doing that since the cost of everything else is going up also. But it is past my budget now.

I know I'm going to eliminate one of the dvrs and whole home. That will be a little bit. And I'm going to drop down the level of my programming package. It looks like the entertainment package is the best bet, although I've had trouble figuring out if DirecTV offers anything cheaper.

The thing is, I want to keep my sports. Can I still get the sports pack as an add-on. And if I do these reductions, what will be my chances of getting MLB this spring or Sunday Ticket this fall at a discount?

And what will be the best way to negotiate the lowest cost?

I appreciate any help people on the forum can give me.

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If you are only interested in sports, you can ask for the Select or Family package, those are the cheapest. You can add Sports to any of them. You wont be eligible for Free HD with autobillpay if you drop below Entertainment package tho.
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