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CABill said:
Just putting the 722 in Single mode lets the TV2 UHF remote control TV1 (Shared View does need to be enabled).
That's exactly what I do with my 622.

BTW: I have a spare RF remote that was from a 942. When they sent me the 942 they gave me 2 TV-2 remotes and no TV-1 remote (i.e. they are both RF). I called tech support and instead of sending me an IR remote all they sent me was the green plastic "TV-1" insert. The prongs on the insert were different which may reprogram an RF remote to work as a TV-1 remote.

About the same time that the plastic insert arrived, so did my surprise 622. So I never did try the RF TV-1 remote, however I bet it is entirely possible to get an RF remote to work on TV-1 as a TV-1 remote. All the remotes are the latest 6.3 versions.
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