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Network Services stopped working on 1 DVR

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After resetting one of my DVR's yesterday, I started getting the TV Apps are still initializing (301) error. I have sen this many times in the past and up until now, all I had to do was to go into Network Setup and restart Network Services.
However, this is not working now. At some point in the past, I had setup my router to forward the STB/Audio ports pairs (i.e. 27161-27162) to the static IP address of the corresponding DVR. I tried turning those port forwarding assignments off and rebooting my router, but that doesn't work either.

Any suggestions on what to do next?

I tried searching on Network Services here but didn't get any hits (it actually looks like the advanced search function isn't working right now).
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I believe this is a server error and not likely to be anything you can fix.
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