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network timers don't automatically save from PTAT

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PTAT enabled.

PTAT seems to function correctly from the standpoint of recording. copies of ndividual show recordings can be saved manually to the user partition, then subsequently deleted without impacting the PTAT partition contents. The prior weeks' content appears to be overwritten rolling forward, as expected.

Timers for network shows that are within the PTAT time blocks are skipped, avoiding use of a tuner, also as expected. However, copies of recordings for these timers are are not automatically saved to the user partition. No option for that appears to be available in any of the setting menus.

Thought that I saw a post last week that these recordings would automatically be saved to the user partition.
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The post you remember seeing should also have noted that the recording isn't automatically saved to the customer person until after 8 days.

So basically...

PTA records every night for days 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,etc
You set a timer to record something during primetime on day 1. After day 1 PTA finishes, you see a link to that in your "My recordings" but that recording is just a link to the PTA block from day 1.

When you get to day 8, when it would "overwrite" the first day's PTA... it will first break out your timer-specified recording to the customer area.

So basically you have to wait 8 days to see your specific recordings from primetime be broken down to individual recordings.
Wow. That sounds pretty good, assuming I understand it correctly.

So if a lot of a person's recording is in fact prime time shows on the 'Big 4', then you have free tuners, because it is actually being recorded on the PTAT.
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