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Networked recievers?

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Has this ability ever been discussed or mention here or by Directv?

I have often thought that the recievers should be able to be networked and all recorded material available between the recievers. It just seems like a logical next step. One receiver could be a master and others could access recorded material there or it could be a "workgroup" type network were all receivers share their drives with any other receiver on the LAN.

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:welcome_s to DBSTalk!

What you are talking about is MRV (Multi Room Viewing). If you do a search for MRV you will find some threads/posts on MRV.

As of right now anything you read is 100% speculation besides it will be added at some point to the HR2x's. Other than that we have not received any info from DIRECTV.

BTW I am moving this to the "DIRECTV HD DVR" forum.
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