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Networking help

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Gonna network the HR20 and PS3 which are next to each other. My computer is in next room only a few feet away. I want a wireless connection. Others have recommended Linksys router WRT600N or WRT610N with Linksys bridge
WGA600N. My question is can I use the Linksys WRT54G2 router with the
WGA600N. Thank you.
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Yes you can use a WRT54G2 and WGA600N. The only problem is the WGA600N will be used with wireless G instead of N.
What is the difference between G and N? Is it just a speed issue? and would the G be good enough or should I go with the N
N has better range and speed.

What are you using it for? DoD if fine with G.
Gonna use it for DOD and PS3 online. Rather go with G because of price unless N is much faster. PS3 and HR20 are next to each other and computer is in next room so range shouldnt be issue. So do u recommend WRT 600N with WGA 600N or is WRT 54G2 good enough and which G adapter goes with it or use WGA 600N. Thanks again
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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