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New 5 lnb installed, now I think I'm having 6.3a probs

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Hi all,

I've been following much of the posts about trouble since the 6.3a install and really haven't had any problems with lock ups or reboots. I've had the update for about a month. I did notice some audio dropouts while watching an OTA channel, but honestly that channel (local Fox) has always been a pain for me to receive OTA.

I've also noticed in the last couple of days that I get video drop outs that last maybe a second. I'm talking completely black screen.

Today I had my dish relocated due to the growth of some nearby trees and I figured that while I was paying for this I might as well have the newer dish installed. Then I'll just have to swap out the multi-switch when I get the mpeg4 box. This guy was very good. I'm getting nothing less than 90 on all three sats. I was still not getting HD-NET picture so I figured I would reboot and let the channels update, etc. Since that reboot the guide does not show any HD channels even though I have excellent signal strength. I've tried rebooting 3 times, still not seeing the HD channels in the guide.

Also, probably very importantly, the update from the sat would kick out at about 85% and ask if I wanted to try again. At this point I've gone in and told it to clear and reset everything. Not really much recorded that I'll miss and I can always re-enter the season passes. I had to get on to work so I don't know how this is going to play-out. I've had D* for 5 years and never have I seen it kick out of the sat update like that.
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Very strange, indeed! I'm beginning to doubt that this has anything to do with the 6.3a release.

The next step in the debug of this problem led me to bring in another stb from elsewhere in the house. First,/ I checked that this stb could see all three sats and that the meter was showing strong signal on even and odd transponders. I then brought this stb down to the family room where the H10-250 has been working up until the new dish install. After hooking up this second stb and booting it up, it could no longer complete the sat update and could not auto detect the 3 sats.

At this point I'm thinking it must be the cables coming into the family room. So, I carry this second stb back to the room it was originally working in. I connect it up and boot it. Now it cannot complete the sat update from the location it was just working in!

At this point I'm beginning to suspect that there is some incompatibility between the new 5 lnb and my Spaun multiswitches or the boxes themselves. Or, there is something amiss with the install. It seems that any stb that is still up and not rebooted continues to work fine and registers signal for all three sats. As soon as a stb is rebooted it stops being able to update sat info and therefore loses programming features.
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Thanks, litzdog. You may be right. I wasn't sure that I have to have the Zinwell because I'm not trying to use the mpeg4 sats. However, I am convinced I need different multiswitches. The two MS I'm using are Trunkline. I mis-spoke about the Spaun, but I am/was using Spaun splitters with the Sat C kit. The models are TRDS8 and TRDS4. This morning I took a closer look at these MS and they only have sat a and sat b inputs, this could be the problem. My older DRD boxes are showing excellent signal strength for the 119 and 110 sats but also shows the message "wrong sat found". Looks like if I just go ahead and change out the Trunklines to the Zinwell I'll solve my problems. Guess I get a B- on my homework. ;)
Got my fingers crossed, the Zinwell has been delivered today. Can't wait to get home this eventing and try it out.

I have a question about the cabling from the wb68 to the dish. My old phase III had the low and high dc signal cables for each sat connected to specific connections on both the dish end and the multiswitch end. Does it matter which of the 4 cables are attached to each connector with the 5 lnb and wb68? Something the installer said the other day makes me think it doesn't but I don't know for sure.
Well, the Zinwell did the trick! All channels are back and working perfectly. Those channels that were absent due to the original tree obstruction are all present and accounted for.

Only thing that I have not worked out is the diplexing of OTA signal with the Zinwell. I tried combining the antenna signal at the output of the Zinwell and the splitting it back out at the receiver but got no antenna signal. Might just be using the wrong diplexers. Fortunately, I have a third coax connection behind the equipment so I just by-passed the multiswitch/diplexer and ran the antenna signal straight in to the receiver's ant in. I think it's working even better than before. I usually don't have much luck with the local Fox OTA signal but now it's pegged out. All in all, things have worked out real nice!

Hope this little saga helps someone else trying to move to the 5 lnb dish and still use the H10-250.
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