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new 722k what dish do I need?

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Hi all I upgraded my service to HD with a new 722k, but I have and old dish getting only 110 and 119. Do I need a new 100.4 wa dish? The reason I ask is I hooked up the reciever and get nothing but a jumbled picture on my tv that worked with old dish:confused:
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I see after further browsing I have posted in the wrong forum sorry about that...Maybe a Mod can move it?;)
What connections are you using? And yes, you need either a 1000.4 or 1000.2 WA dish.
You will need another/new dish to get all the HD since for western arc you need 110/119/129 to get everything.

But, that doesn't explain the jumbled picture problem. You should be able to get the same 110/119 channels you were getting before if everything is ok.

What receiver did you replace?

If you replaced a single-tuner receiver, then you probably only had one coax to the receiver. You need either two feeds to a 722K OR you can use the DPP separator IF you have DPP LNBs on the roof. It is possible you have older/legacy LNBs that don't work with the separator, and that could explain the jumble.
I'm thinking OP may be using the rf out and did not rescan the tv to find the output channel of the new receiver.
Hey thanks for the info I do have old lnbs with a switch , looks like I need a new dish :D
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