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New and improved "Inside the NFL"

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The return of "Inside the NFL" on Showtime last night was a big improvement over what HBO offered the last few years. The show is now in HD and offers highlights of every game, not just a select few. Most of the fluff is gone. No highlight films from the perspective of the team photographer or the players' families. No Lewis Black comedy segment. Just game highlights with some commentary in between, along with a feature story and an interview. Good job by Showtime in revamping the show.
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Thanks for that info.I will have to check it out sometime. :)
I am watching it now. Not sure which I perfer just yet.
Let us know what you think. Some of the game highlights are shorter than others, but at least every game gets covered. HBO was showing highlights of only 8-10 games each week. It's also nice to watch those film highlights in HD..
I was really impressed by the show the other night. That segment with Deacon Jones and Warren Sapp was really funny...the highlight of the night.
I think this is the best format since Len Dawson was the host. JB, Collinsworth and Sapp are great. Could do wihtout Phil Simms however (His commentary on CBS and Inside is just bad). And now that it's in HD is the best part!
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