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First I would like to thank everyone for the information I have learned while reading this forum. I now have some questions and hoping someone can help. Right now I have 5 tv setup all with HD. In my living room I have 3 tvs with one HR24 and two H24. I also have one HR24 in my bedroom and one HR24 in the spare room. I am now looking to get the HR 34 to replace this setup but I want to make sure I dont lose any capabilities I have now.

What I like and want to keep is the ability to record 4 shows at once without it interfering with any of the tvs in the living room or my bedroom. I dont mind it using the second tuner in the spare room to record that 4th show because no one ever goes in there. I also like the fact that I can pause live tv on the main tv in the living room and my bedroom.

What I dont like is that I cant pause live tv on the other two tvs in the living room. I also dont like how we have to walk around to 3 tvs to manage the recordings.

I am hoping the HR34 will be able to keep the things I like and add the things that I dont like about my current setup. Here are the questions I have:

1. You can record 5 things at once but will you still be able to watch live tv on the 3 tvs in the living room and the one in my bedroom at the same time? (im guessing not but just want to make sure)

2. If the answer to #1 is no what do I need to add to the HR34 (ie another HR24 or more) to be able to keep the ability of recording 4 things while watching 4 live shows all at the same time?

3. What do I need to get to be able to pause live on all 3 tvs in the living room and the one in my bedroom?

Sorry this is kinda long. I just want to make sure I understand what I am getting before they come out to do this. I usually dont trust the techs, half the time I know more then they do and thats not saying much. Thanks again!

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1. Yes if you keep H24 or HR24 on those TV's
2. for 4Recdord +4 watch you need total of 8 tuners... 5 in HR34 + 3 from another source (H24/5 or HR24)
3. HR2x or C31/RVU capible TV (would require 1 tuner from HR34)

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For how you would want everything I would suggest the following.

Move one of your HR24s to the secondary TV in the living room and get rid of the other two HR24s.

Get an HR34 for the primary TV in the living room.

Get two C31s for the two bedrooms, and one C31 for the third TV in the living room (or upgrade the TVs to RVU capable TVs).

This will allow you to record up to 7 things at the same time. You can set up and control all 7 recordings from the living room (albiet you will have to do it across the 2 TVs with the HR24 and HR34 attached). You will also have the ability to pause and rewind live TV in any room, as well as watch recordings or live TV in any room as long as you aren't recording 5 things at the same time on the HR34. If for some reason you were recording 5 things on the HR34 at one time your C31/RVU TVs would only be able to watch recordings.

This would keep you below 8 tuners so you could still use a regular SWM LNB, it will also lower your power consumption. However, you will most likely have to spend more money out of pocket.

Otherwise to minimize your out of pocket costs you could just put two HR24s and the HR34 in the living room, keep the third HR24 in your bedroom, and move one of the H24s to the spare room and get rid of the second H24. This would allow you to be able to record up to 11 things at the same time, 9 of which you could set up in the living room over the three TVs. You would also be able to pause live TV in the living room on all 3 TVs and in your bedroom. The spare room would be able to watch live TV or any recordings, but would not be able to pause live TV. This setup would require a SWM 16 and standard LNB setup, and would have a higher power consumption, but would be lest costly up front as you wouldn't have to buy/lease the C31s or upgrade your TVs.

Either way since you will have 5 TVs with DirecTV service you will end up with the same montly fees.
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