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*New Customer* Should there be a line item for Superfan HD on install order?

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Hello. I just called for a new install last night. I guess its the last few days for the NFL Sunday Ticket promo they have been running. I asked the CSR about this Superfan HD which I knew very little about.

I asked how much it was extra and he said he could spread it over 4 or 5 payments for around $25 and went looking for the code to do so. After a couple minutes and with the help of a supervisor they decided to give me Superfan for free. He also gave me Nascar Hot Pass even though I do not watch Nascar.

After all was said and done and set the install date I hung up and created my account on their website. Well at first while my info appeared it said I had no orders pending. It stayed like that for at least an hour. I had to go to bed. I figured the system needed time to update.

This morning I check the site and see my order now listed. The Nascar Hot Pass is listed, but no mention of Superfan HD. Should I call and inquire? What I don't want is because of this ommision they need to remake my order and set a new install date. I was lucky to get only a 1 week turnaround and have an install date set for this coming Sunday between 12-4.

This is what my current order looks like:
Service Protection Plan 1 Free
DIRECTV DVR Service_R15 (Rolls to offer 005 on month 5) 1 Free
CashBack_DummyName_30607 1 Free
PREMIER Free 4 Months Free P2244/71 1 Free
HD Access_Tier 1 P000006376000000001 1 Free
NASCAR HOT PASS New Customer Special Offer R6918/24 1 Free
Standard Professional Install 1 Free
DIRECTV 5-LNB Multi-Satellite Dish 1 Free
DIRECTV HD DVR (Expanded HD Prog. Capable) 1 Free
DIRECTV HD Rec. (Expanded HD Prog. Capable) 1 $99.00
Handling 1 Free

Also now that I see it what the hell is Cashback_DummyName_30607?

Thanks in advance.
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