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new customer, what do they get?

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I havent kept up to date on standard dvrs. I'm getting my friend signed up so was wondering if the new DVR is the same as my HR20 but just no hd? (she will be calling me to troubleshoot lol)

also as a new customer will her install and hardware etc be free plus 18 month commitment? They do allow dishes on her apt place as her neighbor below has one.

edit...other than the 50 dollar referral from directv are there any other good deals out there just for the SD DVR and lower package like choice plus?
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They'll either get a r16 or an r22 if they're in a mpeg-4 market. R-22s suck. Check her tv for at least composite jacks as R22s have no coax output. They're closer to HR21's without the glossy finish and a smaller hard drive.

Install/equipment is free with 24-month agreement. 18 month on standard equipment, 24 on advanced equipment (dvr, hd, hd-dvr).

Most installers require WRITTEN permission from the landlord before they will install. Pointing at the neighbors dish is generally not good enough unless its in the projects. Most landlords/leasing offices have form letters available, and some require a safety deposit.
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