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New D* Customer - Curious about receiver

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I just ordered D* last night and I have the install set for Saturday. HD locals are not available in my area and after doing some forum reading I'm seeing that the HR20 supports the OTA antenna's and the HR21 does not.

What are the chances if any that I will get an HR20 vs HR21? I want to be able to record my locals in HD due to what airs on those channels. Thanks.
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Thanks for the info. Is this something that I would be able to get directly from D* or would I have to get it from a 3rd party.

I can't figure out which one I would prefer. Is there any software difference between the HR20 and 21? If not I really am hoping for the HR20.

I checked the new lineup of local HD's and my area is not listed for anytime between now and the end of the year. That was the only leg up that Charter had over D* for me but I bought a good antenna and had no drops and was reading up, so I thought with that little issue resolved D* wins over Charter which has all of 10 HD channels including locals in my area...
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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