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You can edit the timer but it only allows you to change the START and END times, SET THE TIMER AS DEFAULT, PROTECT THE EVENT, RECORDING PREFERENCE - HD or SD, and the MAXIMUM RECORDED EVENTS.

Do make any of these changes, press the DVR button on the remote 2 times. Select the timer you what to change. On the next screen, select the TIMER button and then select OPTIONS.

If you have further questions, please let me know. Thanks.

Sparkzz said:
Is there anyway to edit and existing timer to change recording options? It looks like I have to delete the timer and build a new one....did I miss something?


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Thanks for your help! I *think* I'm on the downhill side of the learning curve. It's been a *slightly frustrating* transition from a 12 year veteran DTV/TiVO user to the Dish 722K.

Now that Charlie and TiVo are playing nice together perhaps more of TiVo's interface will appear in future updates...
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