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New Dish Customer ??

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Just had dish installed Wednesday the new eastern arc. (live in north central Mn.) Things seem to work fine. Just a couple of questions.

When the installer was doing his setup process I noticed that the signal strength was 36 for both satellites. I suggested that this seemed low but he said it was fine. On Thursday we had rain and for awhile the system was unable to locate satellite. It didn't seem to me to be raining all that hard. Is 36 OK or if it were higher such as 45-50 or whatever would there be a better chance of getting the signal in cases such as rain.
Also I can't seem to figure out how to check what the signal strength is myself.

Curious as to why when your watching some high def channels and getting Dolby digital sound I get voices coming from the surround channels. Wouldn't voice generally be confined to the center channel. Notice this on newscasts and some other programming.

Sure do enjoy watching the football and baseball games.
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EA is to new to have a lot of complaints/comments on it but a 36% signal strength is low. I would expect a much higher strength from 61.5. Usually Menu 6-1-1 will bring up signal strength...
I installed a Dish 500 2 days ago that was pointed at the 61.5 and the lowest signal strength was in the 50's. The highest was 78. I have not installed any EA dishes so I do not know what the signal strength is running but I would think that it should be higher than 36.
Original poster ..... Now I noticed today that the picture seemed quite herky jerky at times. Very fast so the picture was maintained but very annoying. I also now noticed that on several occasions I have been unable to access some channels on sat. 61.5 transponder 22. Forget just which ones but TBS for one would not come in. Screen comes up unable to locate satellite.

Could these types of things be the result of a lower signal strength. Or would there be some other cause.
Thanks for the tip on how to find signal strength. I just checked things out and my signal strength is very low.... from 0 on 61.5 trans 22 and 11 to 32 on various other transponders. So I am guessing this is a part of my problem.
Call 1-800-333-3474 and complain to DISH. I would suggest asking for tech support.
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