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New Dish Network Locals

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Does anyone live in Tucson, AZ with local channels.
Does anyone know the status on the NBC local(KVOA) being added. Dish says that KVOA wanted to charge them to much and KVOA(NBC) says DISH does not want to pay them because they are family owned and not a big station like the others. If Directv gets the Tucson locals with NBC then I am switching period.

Here is the letter from KVOA

A letter to Dish Network subscribers:

July 28, 2002

Dear DISH Network Subscribers:

You may have heard that when the DISH Network begins to offer its local channel package on July 31st, it may not be offering KVOA-Channel 4. I’d like to give you a little background information.

When EchoStar, Dish’s parent company, decided to provide local service in Tucson, it negotiated deals with all of the other major stations to pay them a monthly fee for each household that receives their programming. But EchoStar is asking KVOA to provide its signal with no compensation at all.

Why is EchoStar treating KVOA differently? Because the other major stations in town are owned by large companies that also have stations in major markets, such as New York. KVOA is owned by a family-owned business that has NBC affiliates in the smaller markets of Lexington, Corpus Christi and Colorado Springs.

We are asking for the same treatment – no more, no less – as all of the other major stations in Tucson. We believe KVOA – and the DISH’s subscribers in Tucson – should be treated fairly.
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AJ is correct, please refrain from posting the same threads in multiple forums in the future. Thanks! I will close the one in the General Forum and post a redirect link to this thead, the others will be deleted.
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