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ssmith10pn said:
HD news in general. CNN HD, Fox Business News HD,and CNBC HD as well as Weather Channel HD.

It's smoke and mirrors. They take a 4:3 SD picture and shove it over to one side and fill the extra real estate with graphics.
I'm currently watching in studio weather channel and it has bars on the side!
FBNCHD has a 4:3 SD picture shoved to the left with Stocks on the right.
CNN has some of their premier shows in HD.

AC360 immediately comes to mind.

Where any of these news channels are trailing the most is when they interview somebody remotely (which is pretty much always) they almost never get the HD treatment.

What was the point of WGN America? I've seen one thing in HD, a Cubs game the other day. When ever a movie comes on in the evening it's back to black bars on both sides and big F. U. to everyone thinking they were actually going to get HD out of it.
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