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New HD DVR...force download?

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I'm replacing a R10 with a HD DVR (my second one, gotta luv HD)
Should I force a software download on initial boot up or wait and see what is loaded and if is not the latest do a reset and force the download?

Unit is being drop shipped this week now if I can just get very very lucky and get the HR 22 with the larger hard drive.... I know that chance is slim and none but you got to have hope:D DTV gave me such a good price I couldn't justify paying $180 more for the HR 22 at BB. I just hope if I get a refurb it is a good one.
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No need to force it.

A little while after you hook it up, if there's a newer software available, it will automatically begin the download.
Don't force it. Tell it to "Download Later" if it prompts you. Go through the setup, activate it, then let it download on it's own when it asks again a few minutes later. Doing it this way will probably save you some headaches.
yeah, just get it working first :) takes long enuf as it is!

gl with getting the one with more space. lord knows I need it :)
Thanks just the kinda of information I needed. Now what are my odds of getting a HR22....1 in ??? :D
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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