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New House, New Install ???

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I need your advice.

I'm moving into a brand new house next month. Dish will be my primary MCVP, with cable being secondary tv source + broadband Internet.

There are five builder pre-installed cable runs (apparently in a star-pattern) that exit the house thru an exterior wall and are not yet terminated -- just a bundle of five bare RG-6 ends hanging out from a hole in the siding. I assume that the five runs go to the five different rooms with pre-wired cable-type jacks, being LR, BR1, BR2 (office), BR3, and the kitchen.

I plan to do a Dish-mover install, with three 722s for three HD displays, being in the LR, BR1 & BR 2, plus do a "tv2" to two other rooms, being BR3 and the kitchen. I will also have one cable-in for cable tv to the main display in the LR as a back-up, and split to a cable modem. Once the tv stuff is the way I want it, I'll add-in Wi-Fi and a PS3/Blu-ray w/Wi-Fi.

With the above setup, and five pre-wired RG6 runs, will I...

1. have enough runs for the above 3+2 Dish install, or
2. need another run for the Dish install, and/or
3. need an additional run for cable?

TIA for your opinions, ideas and suggestions.
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Thanks for your input, guys.

If anyone else has thoughts on the best ways to do this new
house install, please feel free to post. All ideas are welcome.
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