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New House, New Install ???

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I need your advice.

I'm moving into a brand new house next month. Dish will be my primary MCVP, with cable being secondary tv source + broadband Internet.

There are five builder pre-installed cable runs (apparently in a star-pattern) that exit the house thru an exterior wall and are not yet terminated -- just a bundle of five bare RG-6 ends hanging out from a hole in the siding. I assume that the five runs go to the five different rooms with pre-wired cable-type jacks, being LR, BR1, BR2 (office), BR3, and the kitchen.

I plan to do a Dish-mover install, with three 722s for three HD displays, being in the LR, BR1 & BR 2, plus do a "tv2" to two other rooms, being BR3 and the kitchen. I will also have one cable-in for cable tv to the main display in the LR as a back-up, and split to a cable modem. Once the tv stuff is the way I want it, I'll add-in Wi-Fi and a PS3/Blu-ray w/Wi-Fi.

With the above setup, and five pre-wired RG6 runs, will I...

1. have enough runs for the above 3+2 Dish install, or
2. need another run for the Dish install, and/or
3. need an additional run for cable?

TIA for your opinions, ideas and suggestions.
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Exactly you need a direct feed for reliable Cable internet. So if you plan to have it where you have dish too you'll need extra cable. As long as you can convince then to go DPP you can use a separator for one line to the two inputs.
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