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dpeters11 said:
Personally, I want the 34 to be on the set I use the most, since that's the only place you can manage the to do list or set recordings from via remote control with only DVRs.

When I had mine installed, I was having a HR21 replaced in the living room with an HR34. However, I had them(well I did most of it myself) put the HR34 in my TV room, where I have best TV/video/surround sound setup and had them move the HR24 from the Den to the living room. I wanted the HR34 to be the core of my system and the receiver that I use the most.

T-Mac said:
Good luck with the 34. It is very much a work in progress. Probably more work than progress actually.
It's getting better with every release. Then again, I haven't been seeing the problems some others have, to begin with. It's been pretty smooth sailing for the several weeks I've had mine.
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