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New HR34 not recording scheduled programs

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New HR34 running software release 0x4c9 installed last Wednesday is not recording scheduled programs. They are all in primetime so they are all locals but I don't know if the problem exists on Sat programs or not.

For example Bachelor, House, Hawai Five-0, The Voice and Alcratez were all set to record tomorrow (Monday) night and I just happened to notice on the To Do list that none were listed. On the Series Manager screen they have a zero beside them. I have the recording default set to record all first run programs and these are first run versions of all these programs. I manually hit record once on each show and the multiple record setting appeared. However none of them are scheduled to record next week even though there are again new versions to record. It is sporatic because Grey's Anatomy among a few other programs on locals show up as to be recorded along with a few other sat programs too.

I tried setting one of them to record on one of my other DVRs and it immediately picked up all shows to be recorded.

Any idea what is going on here?

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