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New HR34/ Whole house owner many questions

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I just had a whole house system installed including an HR34 and HR22 and an H24. I have 3 RC65RX remotes.

I have an AVR645 that was controlled fine by my TiVo Premiere XL remote. The 34 has the exact model yet fails immediately in the auto set up as well as when I say Harman Kardon/ I don't know my model. I have tried all 14 codes on the DTV site. I tried 991/3 in the scan for codes mode and the second will raise the volume and if I hit select after the remote reverts to controlling the TV even though it is in AV2.

I have a 1tb DVR expander I used to double my TiVo Premiere XL I attached it before the unit first booted and it seems to only see it (already down to 97% with only 20 or so shows recorded) Does it deactivate the internal drive?

How do I dim the lights on the front of the HR24? I tried holding both left & right arrows with no success.

I'd really appreciate any help.

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When you have an external drive attached, the internal drive is disabled. A tip for you is to boot up with the external unplugged, record 1 show on the internal drive that you would never record. That way if the external drive does not initialize you will know that you are viewing the internal drive as opposed to thinking that your drive just got wiped.

As for the lights, hold the right arrow on the front panel and then hit the left arrows. I know that works on the Hx2x series, but I would assume that it would on the HR34 as well.

- Merg
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