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new install / 921 upgrade

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Dish is sending a contractor on Sat to replace my 921 with a 622. I've been reading-up on posts to try and get an idea of what to expect from the installer, just in case they don't know what they're doing, but I could use a little help with this. The technology has changed a little since my install back in 2005...

I'm currently getting 110, 119 and 121 through a Suoer Dish and two cascaded DP34s. Two lines feed the 921 and one line goes to each of the other 3 receivers.

I'm told by Dish that I will now also need 129 for the new mpg4 HD channels, and that my HD locals will also show up on 129 when they're available.

Can anyone tell me the right way to make this happen or maybe just what shouldn't be done?
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How about Dish 1000 (or 1000+) with three lines to a DP44 and then four lines out of the DP44 with a separator at the 622? Does that make sense?
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