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Hi Everyone,

I just signed back up with Directv and have a question regarding Whole Home service. I was set up with three receivers, one HD-DVR and two HD receivers. My question is that when I try to rewind live TV on one of the HD receivers it does not allow it. I can record something and then rewind it but I cannot rewind live TV on the HD receivers.

I called customer service today and they told me that I needed another HD DVR receiver in order to rewind live TV. I said sure no problem give me another one and they told me that it would cost me $199. Is this correct? I have the protection plan and I thought this was covered. I just had my service installed yesterday.

When I go build my order again on the Directv website they are only charging me an extra $99 for an extra HD DVR receiver. Can someone help figure out how to go about this without getting charged for it?


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You should be able to choose a program to record on the DVR from the HD unit. As soon as it starts recording, you can then play it and do all the things a DVR would do.
That is a few extra button presses to get this started.

Adding a DVR is going to cost another $6 per month. I guess you could order it and activate it and then deactivate one of the HD units.

It just does not sound right that it was installed yesterday and they are not willing to change it.
Since you have the Whole Home DVR service there is not even another coax that has to be run.

Each time you call you will get a different person. I would try a couple more times to get one that will tell you an answer that you want to hear.

Good luck.

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Now that you're order was closed out you will need to pay full price to get your receivers swapped out if you want the to be HD DVR's.

The protection plan covers service calls, D&H when replacement receivers need to be sent out, and a few other specific scenarios. It does not cover or have anything to do with upgrading your receivers, in your market, at this time.

Since your order will be $199 for the HD DVR, $50 for an upgrade fee for placing an order within your first 12 months, and $49 for installation (HD DVR's are not drop shipped unless replacing DVR's) you could save yourself some money by ordering one through a third part retailer and just paying the $199 and their shipping charge.

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D* allows one freeHDVR and up to three free HD receivers on new installs and I don't know how many SD receivers. Anything else you need to pay for. That's why they are telling you it will be $199.00 upfront cost for the additional HDVR. Yes the charge is correct.

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manny07 said:
thanks everyone. I was able to get the extra HD DVR receiver for $149 with free installation after talking to the fifth CSR.
plus another $50.00 on phone charges and time wasted....:lol:
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