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StringFellow said:
I have a DirecTV install setup for next Tuesday and I had a couple questions regarding the new HMC (HR34) DVR features when used from a regular HD receiver.

I am getting one HR34 and 2 HD receivers. I have read that the HD recievers do not support the pausing of live tv, but I have read that you can work around this my pressing the record button. So now the questions....

On the HD receiver:
1. To perform the pause workaround (record button), is there any confirmation screens or buttons required after pressing the record button. I am concerned that I would have to press the record button, accept some confirmation screen, etc.

2. When recording from the HD receiver, I assume would be a buffer that allows you fast forward, pause, etc. up until you reach the current time.

3. When you press the record button (to emulate pausing live tv) how long will it record. Say you start recording 5 minutes before the show ends. Will it only record those 5 minutes. Example....What happens if you are on the telephone for 10 minutes? Do you only get the last 5 minutes of the show and not the 5 minutes of the next show?

4. Can you use a HD DVR, in place of an HD receiver, and take advantage of the HMC's 5 tuners/shard recordings as well as the recordings of shows on your local DVR?

1. You will have to confirm that it's recording by pressing select or exit, unless you choose one of the other options.

2. You technically watch the recording so yes you can do all trick plays until you're watching the recording "live".

3. You record shows not time blocks so if a show ends the recording stops. You would want to record the following show if you wanted to have access to that show as well. Since the other show recorded you could just watch that recording to finish the show and not miss anything.

4. Yes
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