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New Install HR34 SWM system

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So had a SWM Dish installed today with three 31 "thin clients" and an HR24-200 (I think, HD DVR anyway).

Question is:

How long before the guides and Extras are all loaded? Get a "Loading TV Apps" message for hours when I try to access.

Also some channels are not populating guide with programming for tomorrow yet.


btw....I'm new to the forum...but have already learned a ton from reading through the posts and stickies.
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Give it 24 hours and welcome aboard. ;)
If you got three C31 clients, then you must have gotten an HR34.

If you got an HR24, then you probably got three H25 receivers.

Either way, you have a good system.
I see I left out the HR34...got that too...for a total of 5 connected Televisions. :)

Internet Apps seem to have loaded overnight. THanks for the replies
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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