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new install

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question? having directv installed tomorrow 9-23,former dish customer. with one tv. any ideas on how it will be installed? will i need a wb68 or something else? just a heads up if you will....regards
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Michael D'Angelo;1804403 said:
You will not need a WB68 multi-switch. The dish has 4 outputs on it.

I assume you are getting HD (HD receiver or HD DVR) install? If so you will get an Slimline dish with one or two (if you get an HD DVR) cables from the dish to the receiver.
i installed my cables from outside through the house i have 4 runs from outside,when i had dish they only used one cable from the lnbf with a spliter to the back of the receiver, i believe that is the way it was.....regards
had service installed this morning hr22-100, everything went smooth and speedy. very happy with it. i thought i would have two dishes, with the locals but no. i did order my am-21 just a few minutes ago. question? about how long does it take to get it?.... regards
1 - 3 of 7 Posts
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