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new install

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question? having directv installed tomorrow 9-23,former dish customer. with one tv. any ideas on how it will be installed? will i need a wb68 or something else? just a heads up if you will....regards
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rustynails said:
I am a former DISH customer. I was wondering why you decided to come to D?
I came to D due to los on 129!
As a former DISH customer myself, I chose to switch to D* mainly because i feel that the programming that D* offers is out of this world... There are so many choices, there is truly something on for everyone! My very few dealing with customer service :)nono2: excluding installation:eek2: ) where great. Each time the rep went above and beyond to serve the customers needs.

I honestly, truly think that if D* could work out there problems with the installs that they would be without doubt be the perfect tv provider:hurah:
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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