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New installation coming very soon so here are my questions:

Installation to take place in San Diego - 92130
Ordering one 622 with platinum HD, Locals and superstations
Have 5 security cameras (for the kids) that I need to send to my home distribution setup.

Have each security camera be on a different channel (far apart) as well as use the 622 distribution capability to send its channels to my other TVs
Eventually purchase another 622 for my master and again send its channels back to the home dist.

Can I request two 500s dishes? I’ve read some bad reports on the 1000 in my area.
Can I request they use diplexers so the extra cable runs can be used for the home distribution setup?
Any suggestions on a super home node or splitter that can handle this load? My old setup only had to handle two cameras.
Any suggestions on an off-air antenna?
Will they setup/install my off-air antenna?
Anything that I’m missing?

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