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New LNB causing 771A?

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So my HR20 finally bit the dust (all commands, IR or panel took 30+ seconds to respond and would not stream thru Whole-Home).
Tech came out this morning and replaced with HR22 (had no HR24’s). Self test also reported dish alignment problem and he replaced the LNB. I used to have the wide LNB (I don’t know the model numbers) but it looked like the SL5and replaced it with something smaller.
Everything worked fine when he left. When I returned home both units have 771A. Called the tech and we power cycled everything and he will return tomorrow morning. He mentioned something about multiple calls today about the new LNB. Anyone know anything about this, or is he just pulling my leg?

I Have:
(2) HR22’s both w/DECA Home Adapters on them – all green LEDs
(1) Power Injector on one of the units – green LED
(1) DECA Broadband adapter – all green LEDs
Slimline-3S (SWM)

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Drucifer is right, this is probably due to the power inserter or a bad cable somewhere in the system. I've seen the error in both cases.
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