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New Package: Dish PAK

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Starz!, AT50 and locals for $39.99! ($22.99+11.99+5.99=$40.97)
A $.98 discount!!! This sucks!!
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Looks like pricewise they're trying to compete with DirecTV's Total Choice Plus with locals.
It makes for a good advertising, and Starz is a good movie package.
Or it costs $5.01 more if there are no locals in your area.

Buyer Beware. :)
So what's the big whoop here??? On D* if you add the "new family pak" (TC+) your locals are only $4, so then you are getting a $2 discount on locals.
E* had better try harder to compete...
Why are the pushing AT50???? That doesn't make any sense. They are becoming the company that offers you LESS FOR LESS. If that is the new package, it sucks. D*'s TC+ and locals for $39.99 easily beats this deal. Why bother making such a convoluted package to save a mere $0.98? They are the only company that brags about offering less. Most people value channels like, MSNBC, FOXNews, FoxSports, and AMC more than movie channels.
Fine, but they really should make the same $0.98 discount on AT100 and AT150 too.
They need to implement this a bit better than this. This is no new package, just the same as we had before with a 0.98 discount. If they want to make a package work then have them include the locals and/or superstations in the America's Everything package then a LOT more people would order it because it would be an additional 5.99 a month savings making it worthwhile.

I think that if they done something like this it would work a lot better for them, to give a discount when you purchase the premiums with top 100 or top 150 compared to if you would purchase it with top 50. For example, we are not given any better deal for combining top 100 or 150 with one or two premium services than what we would if we combined it with top 50. They should make top 50 and the premiums the price they are unless you add several premiums to it, then make top 100 and two premiums for $50 and include the locals. The customer would save $2 and get the locals. top 150 and two premiums for $60 and you get the locals and superstations included.

Something similar to this would help a bit more.
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I still like D*'s TC+ + locals. That's digital cable for the price that most cities will be charged for analog basic in 2003.
Originally posted by Z'Loth
It makes for a good advertising, and Starz is a good movie package.
Let's see - I can get 50 stations, my locals and Starz! for $39.99 on E*

I can get 130 general interest stations, and my locals for $39.99 on D* - and get Starz! free for three months.

What is E* smoking?!
:rolleyes: E* should work on the Dish Latino bilengual offerings , not create a new package as lame as this.
I agree this new package is lame in its current form. What E* should do is add a Dish Pak 100 for $49.99 that would include AT100+locals+Starz+ENCORE Movie Pak, with this package Encore would basically be free. Since AT150 already includes Encore, E* should do a Dish Pak 150 that includes AT150+locals+Starz for $52.99, with this package the locals would basicaly be Free.
The Starz package should have the encore package channels in it anyways without having to purchase top 150.
this is one area where D* wins
-Starz Super Pak $11.99
-Encore Thematics $4.99 (No WAM)
-TOTAL $16.98

-Starz Super Pak $12.00 (No Family or Cinema)
-Total $12.00
I'm not so sure about this.

So are you talking about without any other packages?

If so, the last time I checked, which was a couple of months ago, if you wanted Starz without any of the packages it did not include the Encore channels. I have DTV for NFL Sunday Ticket and tried to get Starz.
I was talking about in general, like with AT50/100 or TC/TC+ mainly. Right now D* is not supposed to sell individule movie packages, or Select Choice or the Limited Pak, but if you get the right CSR they will. D* considers NFLST to be a programming package (just like TC). If you would have got Starz for $12 it should have included all 8 Encore and all 4 Starz Channels. Did you play CSR roulette? The CSR you talked to didnt know what he was talking about.

PS- Are you a Pegasus sub? If you are the CSR might have been correct, Im not sure, as I'm not familar with the Pegasus packaging.
No, I am not a Pegasus sub. And I have HBO without any of the TC packages.
Thats becasue you sub to NFLST, basically like I said the CSR didnt know what he was talking about.
So you do not get all 12 Encore/Starz with the thematic channels on DirecTv for $12.00 ? I thought I remembered in the past that you did.

Also doesn't DirecTv make you get HBO or Starz or some movie package before you can get another package and if you dont take it then you have to pay extra? I know they used to do this. They make you pay ala carte $12.00 for each movie package unless you choose one movie package before another one first or something like this. They may not do this now though.
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