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New "Quick Reply" feature

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I've just added a "quick reply" field at the end of each thread. This hack is still in the testing phase. Please let me know if you have any problems. Thanks!

Chris Blount
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Let's try it out.
Hey this hack was on my To Do list for later today.

You beat me to it. :D
Now this has got to be the most useful hack I've ever seen on these boards! Way to go guys! I like it.

See ya

Oops! When I hit the "post this reply" button at the bottom of the page, I got a "runtime error. Object expected at line 338". I clicked to cancel. When I did, it then continued to work and post the message. In case it matters, I'm running MSIE 6.0.2600 on XP

See ya
Let's see if it was just a fluke.

Nope. Except this time it was "line 403" instead of 338. There is a script error hidden in there somewhere.

I still like the hack.

See ya
test, works ok for me....no errors
I have heard reports about XP having trouble. I will look into it further. Thanks Tony
Oh, BTW it works great in IE6 on Windows XP Professional for me! Try getting all the Windows Updates..
Thanks Mark. That's good to know. I'm going to try using it on my WinXP Home Edition machine to see if it works on that. If this becomes a serious problem, I have another version of the hack to try.
Just trying something to see if I can cause an error (changed some IE settings)
Nope, I don't have any problem at all. I'd say it may be fixed in one of the Windows updates

One thing that I forgot. Are you able to delete your own posts? I never checked to see if that actually worked for all registered users.
Yes, I deleted a really stupid one once (I didn't mean to post in the thread I did but in a new one). I will do it again to make sure
Yes, I was able to delete a post, but it took away from my post count:(
Okay, thanks. I was wondering if that was working.
Working here un XP Professional (And I tried it earlier with Windows 98 and ME)

How about your WebTV Folks, can someone test this out for us?

As far as your post count going down when you delete your post, I find this acceptable as it prevents folks from inflaiting there post counts to gain a better ranking.

Hope you understand Mark. :D Besides you post so much, 1 missing one dosent really effect your post count.

BTW Thanks again to everyone visiting DBStalk.COM and have a Happy and Safe Easter Weekend.

Works for me w/ 98SE and IE6
but it took away from my post count
Yeah, thats what happens with VB, besides Godfather is the highest you can go, well for now, at least
Yes Scott, I was simply pointing this out so that this would be known in case you guys didn't know. I agree that it's a good idea
Just tried on the same browser Tony is using. Win XP Home IE6.0 2600. Works fine.
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