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I currently have a slimline dish and then a second dish pointing at the 72.5 sat where I currently get my locals.

I have seen some talk that the 72.5 sat is going away. (Although my DMA Wausau WI is not in yellow on the list as possible to relocate the only 72.5 not in yellow).

My question is I'm planning to re-roof my house in about a month and don't want to put up the second dish if I don't have to, so what is the status of the 72.5 conversion? (Looked for a thread couldn't find anything).

My other question is does DTV offer any kind of "Movers Advantage" type service for when I re-roof?

Thanks for the help


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I just re-roofed. I checked with DTV & they said that they would send a service rep. out to remove/replace the dish for $50.00. Didn't ask if that was for each trip or not.

Instead, I had the roofers remove the dish, with instructions to replace it EXACTLY as it was. Apparently, that is NOT GOOD ENOUGH. The dish must be aimed/tuned precisely (HD dish has to "hit" 5 satellites). Lost my signal on half my channels. Had to have a $79.95 SERVICE CALL to re-aim the dish.

SHUDDA OPTED FOR THE $50 REMOVE/REPLACE (or just the replace).

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Yeah, a willing CSR might be able to set up a mover's connect for the same location but that will lock you into a new contract AFAIK.
You could also get a 'relocate ODU / dish' which is about $50.
No firm status or ETA on the 72.5 move. If anything you could try getting your locals off air for a while?
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