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YCT said:
I have installed several of the older 18 inch dishes and used a simple inline signal meter to find the 101 (I think) satellite. Never had much of a problem. I have never installed a slimline and was wondering if I should purchase a new meter (I have some extra cash from my birthday) or if you can peak the 101 satellite and the others would be close. What would be a good choice for a meter?
You Are Fine with
Using the Inline Meter and can Peak 101 w/ the "whine of the Meter" Still.

>Dead Nuts Plumb Mast or Pole & Both ways. (perfect)
> pre-Set Dish Skew per the Receiver on screen set up menu /your Zip code
>Check 119 / 103 sats after 101 is peaked to see if Further adjustment/Tweak is Ness.

In Sc you should have No probs getting Mid 90's or above across the board.

A little Patience and a gentle touch you'll Be fine. ;)
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