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New Software + Multiple Receivers + Remote

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Looks like the new software broke my remote? I had 3 TVs in one room on different IR remote codes. On the remote, I programmed one receiver to DTV, one to AV1, and one to AV2 slider. Now when I try to slide over and control a tv that's on AV or AV2 it gives me an error that the device can't be control on AV1/2... am I SOL with DTV remote? Am I stuck with 3rd party remote?
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Are you trying to control different TV's or different receivers hooked to those TV's?
dhogan said:
Receivers only - HR24-200

I actually get an error on the screen that says I can't control it on AV1 or something along those lines. I'm at work, but when I get home i will post exactly what it says. This was working perfectly fine before the software update.
Are you getting that error on the unit that is setup to be AV1 or one of the other 2?
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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