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New SWiM install- only can record 1 show...

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Just got rid of multiswitch and had swm16 installed a few days ago. My wife just told me that the living room dvr will only record 1 thing, and it has to be the channel that it is on. Anything I can do to resolve this? I have 4 dvrs, 3 hr-24's & the one in living room that having issues with is a hr-21....
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Correction...I have 5 dvrs, 4 hd & 1 non-hd. On one leg I have 2-hr-24's & the hr-21. On the other leg I have 1 hr-24, 1 coax going to spare room with nothing hooked to it due to my reciever being up north right now,and 1 non- hd dvr, and also 1 coax for feds braodband adapter.
Ok, thanks..ill try that
That was the problem, selected dual tuner and works now...thanks!
1 - 4 of 7 Posts
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