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New SWiM install- only can record 1 show...

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Just got rid of multiswitch and had swm16 installed a few days ago. My wife just told me that the living room dvr will only record 1 thing, and it has to be the channel that it is on. Anything I can do to resolve this? I have 4 dvrs, 3 hr-24's & the one in living room that having issues with is a hr-21....
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4 DVRs would be 8 tuners so you should be fine, do you have any more equipment though? Remember you have a max of 8 tuners per side of the SWiM16. If it just doesn't let you record two things just repeat sat setup and be sure to chose dual tuners. But if when trying to record two things or record/change channels it's giving you 771B or SFSS you'll need to move it off that side of the SWiM.
"trent741" said:
Correction...I have 5 dvrs, 4 hd & 1 non-hd. On one leg I have 2-hr-24's & the hr-21. On the other leg I have 1 hr-24, 1 coax going to spare room with nothing hooked to it due to my reciever being up north right now,and 1 non- hd dvr, and also 1 coax for feds braodband adapter.
That should be fine, I'm guessing since you said you couldn't change channels and record at the same time (and you didn't say you're getting SFSS) you just need to go to Settings->Satellite->Repeat Satellite Setup and change tuners to dual.
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